help dad on a course

  bobbybluenose 23:35 28 Apr 08

hello i cant get on msn messenger it wont let me sign in to read any of my email it keeps coming up error code thanks liljon

  bobbybluenose 23:45 28 Apr 08

i have got my own forum account but i cant activate my account because i cant sign in to my email my dad has gave me permission to use his forum fnx liljon

  MCE2K5 00:59 29 Apr 08

Is this problem, Anything to do with click here

  ICF 07:35 29 Apr 08

It would help if you gave us the error codes!!

  bobbybluenose 08:16 29 Apr 08

MCE2K5 soz it is to do with the link but i have got to go to school now be back at 3-15 pm liljon

  bobbybluenose 16:35 29 Apr 08

error codes= 80048820
80048439 fnx liljon

  ICF 16:59 29 Apr 08
  bobbybluenose 18:15 29 Apr 08

ICF thanks trying it

  bobbybluenose 19:09 29 Apr 08

i got nowhere with the link thank you but i have set up outlook to receive my mail thanks for your help liljon

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