Help converting Sony audio files to MP3

  BryanR 12:11 09 Apr 08


I'm getting an iPod to replace my Sony media player - but am concerned that I won't be able to play any of the music I currently own on the iPod as it's not in the right format. Can anyone point me in the direction of software that will allow me to convert the music I have to MP3? There seem to be a thousand different tools for this sort of thing, but I'd really like a recommendation as I'm very keen not to lose the music I have.

many thanks

  bremner 12:40 09 Apr 08

What is the current format?

  BryanR 13:42 09 Apr 08

They need converting from ATRAC to MP3...


  BryanR 11:10 10 Apr 08

for this - Switch from, Audacity would do it as well - but it would be extremely time-consuming. Does anyone have any ideas for batch-converting these ATRAC files to mp3?


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