Help with computer build / design

  Burtonshawj 21 Nov 12

i'm looking at build a computer that i upgrade as i go along.. i put about 350 aside to start.. once i got everything working i can sell of my old pc, xbox and my phone contract is up for renewal and can probs get £100 or so for my current phone. i wanna run 16gb RAM.. apart from that i'm really out of date on specs.. i use to pc game then got an xbox and been on that for 5 years.. and i forgot how quickly things upgrade in the pc world.. i was thinking gen i5 and a gtx 660ti. i'm basing the idea on being able to run Battlefield 3 on highish graphics.. would like to get this done for BF4.. so basically whats the best motherboard to get to start this?



  lotvic 22 Nov 12

A thread you may find useful info on: ClickHere

  Burtonshawj 22 Nov 12

of the two set up's the guy lists.. the first one actually looks better for what i want, (this one) but would have to use this RAM instead. but would the GA-970A-DS3 cope with the expansions to 2GB Graphics? also wouldn't need to operating system. they claim to cope with up to 32GB ram, so 16 should be fine. the amd fx-6 6100 black edition doesn't seem to be that well rated, so may shop around on that.


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