Help for a clueless mother

  uselessmum 24 Jul 13

My son who is 9 loves to go on simulator games, such as flight simulators, ambulance, farmer simulators. So I am looking to buy him a beginner PC for Christmas, this will mainly be used for playing simulators and general internet use and some school work. Any help, ideas what I should be looking for and pointing me in a good direction would be fantastic. I really have no idea about this type of thing.

  Nontek 24 Jul 13

What is your Budget?

  uselessmum 24 Jul 13

Around 300ish

  Nontek 24 Jul 13

You might be lucky and get one of these ... Aldi

  iscanut2 24 Jul 13

I don't think this comes with monitor, so will have to allow approx £150 or so on top of the computer price.

  Nontek 24 Jul 13

Monitor £30 on eBay

Or £86 at Debenhams.

  rdave13 24 Jul 13

Have a look at this and add this. £104 over budget and hopefully someone can beat this.

  spuds 25 Jul 13

The package deal rdave13 suggested seems a good buy as a complete unit. I would have perhaps suggested a Zoomstorm at about £150 from Ebuyer, but you would have required the operating system, which would have added further expense on top of the £150.

What I would suggest if finance is tight, is perhaps have a look on eBay for a complete system. Then do what I usually do, and select something local to you, then arrange an inspection. I have picked up many 'complete' bargains like this, because people wanted to upgrade to something more in line with greater expectations. My last two complete system bargains cost less than £100 the pair. One had Windows 7 the other had Linux. Monitor wise, one had an 18" LED Delium, the other an 18" Acer. Inspecting and talking to the previous owner, can usually give a good insight to the item you might want to purchase.

Personally i would think only the pc rdave has linked to will play a flight sim because it has a good graphics card

the other type of sims may play on the other systems its hard to know without a bit more information

I meant the system nontek linked to at aldi

  woodchip 28 Jul 13

or plug it into the a tv


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