Help with choosing a mobo

  wobblymike 21:21 08 Mar 06

I have inadvertently bought a SATA 80GB HDD (I meant to get an IDE one). As I have now got it I need to identify a middle of the road mobo to take it - not used sata before so a bit of guidance by way of suggestions for suitable mobos would be much appreciated.

  howard63 21:25 08 Mar 06

most of the current mobos support sata. These often come with the sata connecting cables and a floppy disk to load the driver.

  ed-0 21:30 08 Mar 06

Are you going to use your current cpu and memory? If so, what are they. This will determine what motherboard they will fit in.

If you are going to get a different cpu, what are thinking of getting?

  ade.h 21:31 08 Mar 06

Good brands; Gigabyte (especially with the Dual BIOS) Abit and some ASUS models. I've tried a few makes but have settled on Gigabyte these days. Top quality and nice features.

  ade.h 21:32 08 Mar 06

Gigabyte is good for 775, ASUS is usually a good bet for 939.

  Mikè 21:44 08 Mar 06

You could use it with your existing setup click here

  ed-0 23:07 08 Mar 06

If you are thing of upgrading the socket A Micro ATX K7VMM. It would be very difficult if you are using sdram or are you using ddr ram in the motherboard?

  wobblymike 06:28 09 Mar 06

I would prefer to use existing cpu athlon xp 2200 socket a and ddr ram if possible - not intending to upgrade K7VMM -
thanks exploring your suggestion

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