help choosing a laptop please

  Marcc 04 Jun 12

Hi .. i know this sounds daft, but i'm struggling to find many laptops that fit my requirements. I need a 15" metal bodied and backlit keyboard laptop, Intel CPU too, I've got a Macbook Pro, but its up for sale. I've found a Dell XPS15z, some Sony Viao's and HPs.. I'll be running Linux so, can anyone help me cut through the hundreds of models.. its overwhelming. Thanks . Mark

  Woolwell 04 Jun 12

What do you want to use it for and what is your budget?

Metal bodied could be difficult to find.

  john bunyan 04 Jun 12

See here for my view:

Other thread

  Marcc 04 Jun 12

Hi.. Woolwell, about £700 UKP, so must be intel CPU, 15" screen hopefully Nvidia graphics. i know there's not many aluminiun/magnesuim ones about, doesn't have to be totally metal, but i'm spending the next week doing some serious research

so wireless, DVD bit of basic audio editing, not into gaming, I'm into Linux, so windows will be used rarely, watching online movies / podcasts so my needs are pretty average, i really like these ultrabooks, but they're out of my price range, and usually have less than 15" displays. some Dell's look interesting. seems some people love them, and other really hate them.

I was all up for the Asus Aspire Ethos 5951G, its 90% ideal, but the thing has some dual Nvidia/IntelGMAvideocard tickery and they dont seem to play well in Linux. :(

i am still researching into this too though.

Thanks ... Mark

  Marcc 04 Jun 12

Thanks John .. looking at a Toshiba on John Lewis now.. not too far off what i'm after.. no backlit keys found yet :)


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