Help changing time on Freeview box

  ened 12:19 26 Mar 09

I have a Wharfedale LPDV832B and am going away tomorrow. I no longer have the manual.

I want to record something early Sunday morning but cannot fathom out how to change the time (clocks are going forward).

I can get round it by allowing extra time but I would like to know because I don't want to be sitting there for the next six months with the time an hour out.

  Covergirl 12:31 26 Mar 09

. . . it should adjust itself.

I can't find a manual on t'net so to be sure, just set it with the extra time. Check on Sunday morning and see what time it says.

1am is the usual time the clocks change.

  ened 15:09 26 Mar 09

Thanks - I guess that it picks up the time from the signal but, as you say I shall check it when I get back Sunday afternoon and in the meantime allow for all eventualities when it is coming on to record the GP.

  Stuartli 15:11 26 Mar 09

I've never needed to adjust a Freeview set top box time wise.

  BT 16:38 26 Mar 09

I have a Wharfdale Freeview/PVR and the time updates itself. It gets the time from the aerial as VCRs used to, so you should be OK as long as the programme you want to record doesn't happen when the time changes at 1am.

  Stuartli 18:24 26 Mar 09

>>It gets the time from the aerial as VCRs used to,>>

No, a digital signal transmitted as and when necessary.

On the same principle as that of Ceefax/Teletext, which is why using the analogue Ceefax time display is extremely accurate for setting your watch etc (the Freeview version is a second or two behind due to the conversion required).

  blanco 18:32 26 Mar 09

you can get it on iPlayer but I agree mine adjusts itself automatically as does the radio controlled alarm clock to get me up in time to see the start!

  Covergirl 15:07 02 Apr 09

My expensive Panasonic box did not automatically change so missed half of Lewis. Pahhhhh !

I had to go into the setup and select auto update which it did immediately.

  ened 15:28 02 Apr 09

Thanks for reminding me. I hadn't ticked the box.

I got home and it hadupdated itself.

I enjoyed the racing on Sunday but, of course,they have found yet another reason to penalise Lewis.

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