help carnt download

  dottylotty 18:29 22 Oct 06

my comp lets me get onto the net ok and browse but soon as i try to download a file or anything i get internet exsplorer canno find or page not avalible or enable activex but wen i try they all go to disabled settings

  sean-278262 18:31 22 Oct 06

What are you trying to download? Care to link us to a few examples?

  dottylotty 18:42 22 Oct 06

wont down load anythinf i get the download icon then it says internet exsplorer cannot find it or i egt enable activex i checked internet settings and the all say disabled wen i enabled them they went back to disabled

  MickinPlymouthUK 04:25 23 Oct 06

Beats me, try asking your ISP, I'm with AOL and if you type "Live Help" into the Keyword box you can talk to an adviser..

  Miros 05:00 23 Oct 06

Can you use the browser in AOL ?

  Miros 05:14 23 Oct 06

You must have access to a browser to make postings on to this forum are you using AOL's browser? if you are then it would seem like a problem I had a couple of weeks ago, only my AOL worked.
The bad news is that the only way I got out of it was by doing a complete reinstallation with my XP recovery disks.
This was my posting re: the problem if you care to read.
click here

  Miros 18:19 23 Oct 06

I wonder if you have now lost your ISP also?

  MickinPlymouthUK 03:30 24 Oct 06

Hey Dot, tell us what sites you're trying to download from and we can see if we have better luck.
Maybe the particular downloads are no longer available?

  Miros 14:49 25 Oct 06

Don't tell em Dotty.

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