help, cant stop internet explorer from restarting

  john the scone 10:22 14 Mar 09

hi there, trying to sort out my mums laptop. she's only had it about 2 months and now internet explorer keeps shutting down and restarting every 20 - 30 seconds. its a dell with vista home premium, core2duo processor and 3gb ram. i set it up at her house and installed pctools internet security that came free with the magazine. everything has been fine til now. i've run ccleaner, defrag, and full sweep of the system with the pctools suite but still happening. the sweep picked up only 3 minor tracking cookies which i deleted. dont know if its a virus, trojan or a fault with ie. all updates have been applied and dont know what else to do, any help much appreciated, thanks

  User-1229748 10:29 14 Mar 09

i would try running without add ons first and if still the same download update and run malwarebytes and superantispyware in safe modeclick here

  Kingfisher 10:33 14 Mar 09

try disabling all add ons in internet explore go to tools > manage add ons> enable disable add ons, see if that works also run superantispyware just in casr some nasties have got into your system download it hereclick here
make sure you download the free edition

good luck

  Kingfisher 10:34 14 Mar 09

you beat me to it

  john the scone 11:40 14 Mar 09

thanks for the info, but how do i run in safe mode and how can i download the antispyware stuff if ie keeps shutting down? should i download onto my laptop then onto usb then onto her laptop? cheers

  User-1229748 15:07 15 Mar 09

to start in safe mode keep tapping F8 when you start the you are using vista have you tried running windows defender?

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