Help in buying a Laptop

  Boy Zone 09:57 23 Sep 07

I've reviewed the forums concerning Laptops, but I'm still not sure.
My daughter aged '14' wants a laptop, she is convinced that I'm going to spend £800 on one,which I'm not.
I want to spend no more than £400, but which one? I like Acer, as I have one myself, but I was in Staples yesterday and saw a Fujitus Li1718 for £379 which seems a good buy, but don't know anything about Fujitus.
Spec to be: 120Gb HD, 1Gb RAM dual Processor, and 15" screen, and looks good. Not my spec but what my daughter's friends have come up with, looks good seems to be the main theme!!!
What I'm more concerned with is quality, realibility and after service.

  Migwell 10:52 23 Sep 07

Seems fine to me. OK if it is for office & school type work. I would go for Vista Premium if you can get it within your price range. No need to spend more than £400 I agree. Yes you could get 17" or even 160Gig H/D but it will cost more and I doubt if it will ever be used or needed.

  Splodge 16:45 23 Sep 07

I had a Fujitsu some computer 10 years ago!

It was always fine. I kept the 19 inch screen till last week and only replaced it because I wanted to get a TFT! And that is Fujitsu too!

Service has always been first class!
Need I say more!

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