help with BIOS settings and CPU clock speed

  andycampbell82 16:11 27 Apr 03

I have recently bought a ECS K7VMM+motherboard and have assembled the system and everything is fine except for one thing.....the CPU is showing as AMD Athlon XP1800+ rather than XP2400+. I was told to alter the settings in BIOS under CPU frequency. This is shown in the instruction manual but isn't present on my set up screen. Is there any way of updating the BIOS on my system or changing the clock speed from 100MHz to 133MHz so that my processor will work at it's full potential. I have been on other sites and other people have had the same problems with the same motherboard. Is there anyone that can help? Thanks

  woodchip 16:14 27 Apr 03

It's there in the bios, sometimes you have to scroll the page you also have to use enter key and right arrow ket to get at other settings

  woodchip 16:15 27 Apr 03

hit wrong key not ket

  rickf 19:03 27 Apr 03

Its in the bios. Have a proper look.

  Rayuk 19:26 27 Apr 03

Have a look aclick here this thread may be of help

  Rayuk 19:28 27 Apr 03

Sorry wrong here
Not exact same board but by the same manufacturer so may have same jumpers

  Rayuk 19:40 27 Apr 03

Just had a look at manual you need to change jumper JP3 to 133 Pins 2 & 3
It is situated just above the agp slot towards the cpu

  rickf 20:28 27 Apr 03

I think you then need to go into Bios and change the settings using the pgup an pg down buttons. It had me flumoxed because I was trying to change the settings using the arrow keys.

  andycampbell82 08:06 28 Apr 03

Ray you were spot on it was the jumpers. I thought I was going mad not being able to find it on BIOS. System now showing as 2400 not 1800.
Cheers guys

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