HELP best free firewall in uk

  Jade 14 G 21:36 09 Apr 06

Need to get a firewall quick as have just uninstalled zone after 5 years of using but its going mad shooing up update message's and it sets a screen up but as we know there is no updates on free zone
But need to download from uk as broadband has a problem in the area so need somewhere nearer.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:55 09 Apr 06
  Stuartli 22:12 09 Apr 06

The only "updates" are new versions. Just select Manual instead of Automatic updates and you won't have the problem.

  Jade 14 G 22:16 09 Apr 06

Have just downloaded a new zone but after using it for 5 years with no trouble, as soon as it was installed again as new it sent me a update message straight away but this time clicked drop down menu and its going to remind me in 60 days lol but would still like to know why its doing this have downstalled 4 now makes me think they want you to buy the paid versian

  Stuartli 22:29 09 Apr 06

Are you sure that you are selecting ZA's free version from the versions menu (it's the last one on the right hand side of the panel) whilst installing it?

I've never had such a message or 60 days reminder.

  remind 22:49 09 Apr 06

Remove and re-install ZoneAlarm, when you re-install make sure you select Free (highlighted red in the pic ) when you see this screen - the Pro version will be installed unless you do so
click here

  pennyben 23:29 09 Apr 06

Imay beshouted down but I do not like ZA. It takes too much memory and I have always found it to be unreliable... wait for the repliesonthat.

Many free firewalls exist, see link.

click here

I am using Netveda which is looking good and is light on resources. But try as many as you can.

  Stuartli 23:47 09 Apr 06

That's the panel I was basically referring to, although there is also the initial downloads link panel.

  Jade 14 G 10:46 10 Apr 06

Will have to download something different as downloaded a new zone alarm and the same update message came up straight away, clicked the drop down menu and clicked it to remind me in 60 days so though great when 60 days are up will do the same BUT the 60 days went quick the dam thing was back this morning.

  Jade 14 G 10:52 10 Apr 06

Just looked at the firewall list from the link, but ther's so many not sure what to have, any help letting me know would be best.

  Stuartli 11:24 10 Apr 06

The trial period offered with paid for versions of ZoneAlarm is listed as 15 days on the website.

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