Help with belkin router

  lothlann 22:07 13 Aug 06

I have a Belkin router and a wireless network card in my PC. Sometimes my wireless goes to 1Mbps and wont let anything that needs to connect to the net work. I have found that after restarting the router several times and rebooting my computer it sometimes works. However it doesnt happen to the laptop in the house or my girlfriends laptop if she connects to my network.

Anyone know why this happens and how to stop it or just how to sort it when it does?

I cant remember the model of the card and router can anyone tell me how to find out.


  ade.h 13:38 14 Aug 06

Try a different PCI card.

  lothlann 14:06 14 Aug 06

Its a belkin card so i assumed it work work well with the belkin router.

  ade.h 14:42 14 Aug 06

It will, but that does not mean that the card cannot be faulty. You need to eliminate possible causes; you have established that the router is not to blame, so it must either be your LAN card or your PC.

  lothlann 15:21 14 Aug 06

is there anyway to test it without having another cos i only have one and cant afford another.

  ade.h 15:23 14 Aug 06

No, not really.

  lothlann 18:00 14 Aug 06

Today i tried setting up security and i managed to do it by typing in and i set a passwrod. The laptop uses windows utility to connect and i managed to get that to connect by typing in the password, but i cant seem to get the Belkin Wireless utility to connect. Im not sure ho wto put the password into it. Can you help?

  lothlann 18:20 14 Aug 06

Dont worry i found another post and you had posted a guide. I managed to do it.

Thanks for your replies.

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