Help! Been battling with this new build all day!!

  rickf 17:13 09 May 04

Hi All,
Hope help is available. Just built new PC with GA-7VT600 M/b and AMD 2.8+XP. It boots up and then cuts off after about a minute saying "Power Saving enabled. PC will shut down in a few seconds" and then it goes. I can't get beyong this point. Change PSU to 550w but still get same prob. The power led does not light up no matter which way I switch the front panel connectors. Any ideas appreciated. Tearing my hair out. H/D,CDRW, 512 ddr all detected at start up. URGENT!

  rickf 17:17 09 May 04

BTW, the memory is 512 ddr 3200.

  woodchip 17:21 09 May 04

Have you been in the BIOS and switched power save off, if you have got a OS on then go Control Panel under Power put never for all items

  rickf 17:23 09 May 04

woodchip, thanks for responding. It does not allow me enough time to get into Bios to change the Power settings. What do you think?

  rickf 17:24 09 May 04

Its a new H/D and I have not installed OS yet. I can't get beyond the first minute before it turns off.

  woodchip 17:29 09 May 04

Try new memory, just use one stick in slot 0 or 1 which ever comes first

  Totally-braindead 17:30 09 May 04

Can you not get into Bios at all?

  woodchip 17:32 09 May 04

It may be a faulty Mobo

  Totally-braindead 17:41 09 May 04

What graphics card do you have?

  rickf 17:47 09 May 04

Can get into Bios very briefly before it shuts down. I have just reset the cpu and spread more artic silver on it. It seems to be constant now but I can't get the CDRW to work so U can install drivers for the M/b. Help!! Graphics is FX5200 128mb Ultra. It seems ok from that end.

  woodchip 17:50 09 May 04

Remove all hardware and just leave CPU and fan one stick memory and graphics card see if it will boot to BIOS

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