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  terryf 12:41 16 Mar 06

I have been asked to teach a gentleman with MS how to use his computer that has win 2K. The system was given to him by his daughter. I am quite Ok with the teaching techniques but am unfamiliar with AOL broadband. On my own PC I am used to loading IE or Firefox and these load and connect straight to the web. When I click on IE on his system with the start page set to Google, AOL insists on loading up its version of another copy of IE with numerous windows and pages and AOL set as the start page.
Is there any way of bypassing all this AOL stuff and just connecting and going to Google start page? I seem to end up with 2 copies of IE, one Goole and one AOL. I can intuitively decide which one I want but I need to have the PC set up so that it is as straight forward as possible for a beginner without any bells and whistles.

  Graham ® 12:58 16 Mar 06

click here

This is a little dated, but I understand you have to configure IE to work with AOL.

  terryf 13:05 16 Mar 06

Thanks, IE already seems to be setup, I can eventually get onto the web but there is all the AOL rubbish coming up first that I want to bypass, I won't see the guy again until next week so I will wait with bated breath to see if anything else comes up on the forum. As you can imagine I don't want to change too much because of the 'It was alright before you changed it and now it is broken' syndrome.

  feb 13:38 16 Mar 06

Hi terryf

How to connect to AOL without using the software click here

  terryf 18:31 16 Mar 06

Will have to wait till next week but I will post how I resolve it (if at all).

  goonerbill © ® 10:47 17 Mar 06

hi terryf. have AOL broadband and when i click on IE on my system i get MSN UK site(have not altered any settings). go into control panel, internet options, click on general tab if it doesn't open on that, look at the section home page and the will be a web address. change this to what ever you want and the next time you use IE it should open up to what ever you have entered.

  terryf 11:43 17 Mar 06

Yes that's fine but the set-up as present is that on clicking on IE the PC is setup to open up a browser into AOL. I have had some previous posts, for instance one from feb that I am going to try out next week, I am a volunteer for Age Concern and so can't just pop in when I want to, omly by appointment. Thanks for your interest in the post, I had already tried that but to no avail

  Jade 14 G 12:59 17 Mar 06

I f its set to open in aol why alter it as its the easiest to use, l showed a older lady as she had got aol from her son and she got to use it well with aol and liked it as its more of a comunity.

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