Help! Animated gif doesn't work.

  tnelis 10:37 22 Feb 10

Help please ....I've just sold an animated gif to someone, trouble is it doesn't work in their Outlook....(not Outlook Express)
Do you know why?

Example here...
click here


  MAJ 10:45 22 Feb 10

Get them to drag the animated gif to a browser window, they should then see it animated, or get them to send it to themselves in an email, when they open the email, it should animate.

  Graphicool1 11:56 22 Feb 10

Are you aware that you are infringing copyright laws. By using genuine company logo's to advertise your business? If you haven't got permission from the said companies - my guess is you haven't - you could find yourself getting sued! May I suggest you make up some mock ones ASAP! ¦¬]

  tnelis 12:08 22 Feb 10

Ok, point taken. I've removed the relevant logos off my do you mind actually helping with my Outlook question please?

  MAJ 12:24 22 Feb 10

"now do you mind actually helping with my Outlook question please?"

I believe I tried to, tnelis.

  Woolwell 12:43 22 Feb 10

Outlook 2007 (and perhaps earlier versions too) does not display animated gifs in the body of an e-mail only the first frame appears. To view this you have to view the e-mail message in your Web browser:
Open the message.
On the Message tab, in the Actions group, click Other Actions.
Click View in Browser.

Taken direct from Outlook help.

  tnelis 12:51 22 Feb 10

Thanks Maj and Woolwell.

ok I understand what you say...extra question...Can someone with Outlook 2007 see a moving gif if they receive one....on the email page?

  Woolwell 12:58 22 Feb 10

Short answer is no - see click here

  tnelis 13:49 22 Feb 10

That puts the kybosh on my service of providing animated gifs for emails....unless, is there another file that would work in Outlook?


  Woolwell 13:52 22 Feb 10

Outlook is more security minded than the other MS e-mail clients and doesn't like anything which might compromise it.

  ubuntu1user1jb 18:04 22 Feb 10

£80 each? are you serious?

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