struggle8 00:59 25 Sep 04

help my pc sounds like a alarm boots ok then about 3 minutes later alarm goes of not beeps

  Benzo 01:00 25 Sep 04

explain clearer please

  User-312386 01:02 25 Sep 04

ok this could be your mobo alarm

have you anything in system tray running, if you have double click on it

Sounds like an asus mobo

  struggle8 01:03 25 Sep 04

right turn on pc ok windows xp home loads then about 2 to 3 minutes later a siren sounding goes off from pc have just reinstalled windows xp home all went ok except for now there is an alarm going of comming from the pc

  struggle8 01:04 25 Sep 04

what does that do then

  User-312386 01:06 25 Sep 04

look in all programmes>startup and see if anything is in there

  struggle8 01:10 25 Sep 04

no but the fan on the power suply is making alot of niose

  struggle8 01:17 25 Sep 04

i have a spaer tower and power suply will it be ok to swap the suplys over

  GlynH 01:20 25 Sep 04

What mobo is it? The one I have (a Gigabyte model)has a windows program (EasyTune 4) that monitors all the fan speeds and temps of the CPU, system etc. It's an overclocking tune but I only use it to keep tabs on my system.

In this you can set the level at which an alarm should sound. EG System fan drops below 2000rpm or if CPU temp exceeds 60 degrees Celcius you can choose your setting.


Look in your BIOS to see if it has any alarm settings. These will be such things as CPU temp, CPU Fan speed may have simialr settings as mine does. it may be that one of these is set too low (possibly your CPU temp) and as the system warms it triggeres the alarm.
It may be under Advanced BIOS Features, or you'll have to dig around in the menus.

  struggle8 01:25 25 Sep 04

would it go of if the power suply was naff or on its way out

  struggle8 01:29 25 Sep 04

I have just change the power suply pc has booted and loaded xp and running now for about 5 to 10 minutes with na alarm sounding fingers crossed

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