Help about a gaming rig

  phoenixfkr 27 Aug 12

Hey guys just wanted to know if anyone knew about these first off;

I'm looking at getting one as a gaming rig, obviously I don't know much about these kind of set-ups, but here are the questions.

  1. would this suffice as a gaming rig? and to what kind of latest game would this run

  2. is this tower worth the price

  3. I know these are some ex-server cases and kit inside, but would this be able to run windows 7 and compete with some of the other gaming machines out there, as I would like to try and get some film editing with Sony Vegas and possibly be using fraps.

  4. and the last question, are all GHZ sizes relevant to each other? as ram is as well? obviously this is supporting standard ddr ram.

Anyway guys, thank you in advance just stuck trying to look for a decent machine to run.

Thanks again. Zak

  rdave13 27 Aug 12

It's not a gaming rig. Poor CPU and they are bad as advertising as 5.6Ghz. The graphics card has ancient AGP technology. In my humble opinion its £120 worth of junk.

  chub_tor 27 Aug 12

I agree with rdave13, this is most definitely not a gaming machine it is refurbished office equipment. The basic motherboard and RAM do not allow upgrading with more modern components, I would avoid it; even if you spent a lot of money on it you would still not get a decent gaming rig out of it.

Why not think about building your own? Start with a bundle for example by Novatech then add new parts as you can afford them. If you choose the right basic bundle you could build quite a good spec machine over time by upgrading the processor, adding RAM and a decent graphics card.


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