boro_4eva 18:21 03 Apr 03

when i turn on my computer a german thing comes up and makes a 'ping' noise...with a message in german and i dont know how to get rid of it. please help

  €dstow 18:30 03 Apr 03

Is this after Windows has started? Does it look like an ad or a Windows message? What does it say (just the German will do)?


  boro_4eva 18:48 03 Apr 03

hang on ill look

  boro_4eva 18:54 03 Apr 03

fehler bein setzem der dater fur 'dir0'

  €dstow 19:04 03 Apr 03

It's an error message of some kind, fehler = error. I was hoping it would be some sort of popup ad but as it seems something a bit more fundamental, I'll leave it to someone who knows about the innard of computers.

Don't see why it should come up in German though. Do you have a German machine?


  boro_4eva 19:07 03 Apr 03

no its just started happening since i d/l something off kazaa :S

  €dstow 19:11 03 Apr 03


I'm very anti-Kazaa and that is most likely the root of your problem. My advice would be to take Kazaa out. There are lots of threads on this and I'm sure someone will hold your hand while you do it. I can't, because I don't know how to and I'm going in a minute anyway.

Hang on for a while and you'll get sorted out by an expert.


  €dstow 19:13 03 Apr 03

May be if you started a new thread with a more explanatory title you would get a quicker response. (Close this one with a tick though).


  boro_4eva 19:14 03 Apr 03

ive already deleted kazaa and its still popping up

  €dstow 19:18 03 Apr 03

Kazaa leaves a lot of rubbish behind. That's one of the big problems with it.

Don't despair though. All is not lost. Must go home now.



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