kevinruss 20:55 09 Oct 11

my computer coms on and goes off after a few seconds , it runs on windows vista

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 09 Oct 11

If shutting down quickly usually indicates an overheat problem.

Does the CPU fan run as soon as you switch on? Is the machine full of dust?

  kevinruss 21:01 09 Oct 11

thank u ill check ,as the fan does run when first started

  rdave13 21:04 09 Oct 11

Disconnect from mains, open the case and check all connections are sound. Use an artists brush to clean out all the clogged up dust in the cooling fins of the CPU and everywhere else you see it. Hold a vacuum cleaner nozzle well away from the components whilst you gently brush the dust off. It's recommended to either use an anti-static band on the wrist to do this or earth yourself on the kitchen sink before you open the case and take care.

  robin_x 21:22 09 Oct 11

Leave it connected to the mains, but switched off at the socket. The case is earthed. (only applies to computers with built-in power supplies, not laptops with external bricks)

Fan blades should also be free moving and not stiff or 'grungy' feeling.

  lotvic 21:55 09 Oct 11

There is the (small) chance that the socket might be faulty..... have you seen some of the dodgy wiring that some people have. Touch a radiator or sink taps to discharge the static from your body.

  rdave13 22:09 09 Oct 11

I would not entertain the idea of leaving the plug in the mains and switched off either.

Each to their own safety standards I suppose.

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