paul71 18:31 08 Feb 10

My wmp won't burn cd's it gets about five tracks down and goes into error and then freezes it will burn dvd's ok though need to get this fixed asap cos need music for party at weekend any ideas?

  RobCharles1981 18:33 08 Feb 10


Is not a sensible topic tittle to your thread I suggest you learn next time to tittle it properly.

  woodchip 18:41 08 Feb 10

Sounds like a Faulty Drive as I think it uses two sets of heads for read and write

  bionicle 21:48 08 Feb 10

You could try another CD burning prog eg click here and if you continue to have problems it looks like as woodchip has said, the drive may be faulty.

  Graham. 23:33 08 Feb 10

I'm with Rob, tittle it properly.

  lotvic 23:49 08 Feb 10

yep me too, close this by ticking resolved and start a 'New Topic' with a proper title.

  paul71 03:11 09 Feb 10

To rob the organ can i suggest if you aren't going to help why post anything and next time learn to spell TITLE

  paul71 03:14 09 Feb 10

Thanks for the help woodchip and bionicle

  RobCharles1981 10:31 09 Feb 10


A bit of advice for you.

1. Help us to help you, by naming your thread properly "Helppppppppp" is not going to help others wouldn't certainly help me.

2. Show some respect for us members we like to help others out the best we can so remember that in future please.

  Technotiger 11:06 09 Feb 10

To add to RobTheOrganGuru's advice, I advise you to Download and read the Forum Rules - see top-right corner of this page!

None of us, like Rob/Graham/Lotvic and myself included, are intentionally being sarcastic, just offering genuine advice!

  peter99co 11:10 09 Feb 10

would have been a good title because if someone else has a similar problem the solution will re-appear during a search.

If you enter "Help" in the search it brings up all kinds of problems for all kinds of items.

If you had entered "burn" in the search box you would have found a possible answer to your problem earlier!

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