chippy+ 11:35 24 Jan 06

i have tried the networking forum if anybody knows how to clear the settings of my home /office network as i would like to create a new one the one suggestion was to change the workgroup name on both pc's but the old settings are still there and mixing up the setup the main problem is one of the pc's are saying accesss not allowed may not hav permission i haven't had this before thanks Chippy

  Press Man 11:50 24 Jan 06

Check your firewall settings, it may be blocking access. Try 'pinging' from each computer this will tell you if they can "see each other".

  SANTOS7 12:04 24 Jan 06

delete the connections in explorer
uninstall file and print sharing

  chippy+ 14:13 24 Jan 06

hi Press Man/SANTOS7
I used command prompt pinged from both pc everything seems ok deleted items from explorer uninstalled file and print sharing then i tried view workgroup computers no1 pc shows both pc's
no 2 shows both pc's but in both pc's when i click one of the icons i get asked for a password ? i have never been asked before thanks for your help Chippy ps what do i do now ?

  Press Man 16:01 24 Jan 06

Try running the "setup home network system" on both pc,s again. Make sure that network group is the same i.e. MSHOME.

  chippy+ 16:42 24 Jan 06

hi Press Man tried again same result get a message on each pc to log in
cheers Chippy

  Press Man 22:54 24 Jan 06

Try click here;en-us;308007 it may help?

  SANTOS7 23:10 24 Jan 06

click here
try this link, pressman if you highlight the link it will show you how to post a Kb article, hope this helps,good luck...

  Press Man 00:39 25 Jan 06

Thanks SANTOS7

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