gisjo 16:38 03 Sep 04

Trying to fix mates pc it shut down in a storm
no power surge power at all at first
so put new power supply in now it starts up but no signal to monitor so put new motherboard in
it stiil gets no signal to monitor so swaped processer,
graphics card, memory, & new IDE cables out of my pc that all works,still gets no signal to monitor. Any suggestions gratefully received

  Diodorus Siculus 19:26 03 Sep 04

Sorry to sound basic, but have you tried a different monitor?

  gisjo 19:35 03 Sep 04

I have tryed a different monitor
Still the same no signal to the monitor at all

  Diodorus Siculus 19:43 03 Sep 04

Do you get any BIOS beeps? They can tell you what is malfunctioning...

  gisjo 19:46 03 Sep 04

No beeps at all

  Diodorus Siculus 22:46 03 Sep 04

Anyone else...

  Dan the Confused 23:13 03 Sep 04

Monitor cable? There can't be many bits of his old PC left to try.

  gisjo 23:25 03 Sep 04

No the cable works on my pc no problems

  Strawballs 23:33 03 Sep 04

The new mother board has it got onboard graphics if so are you using it if not have you disabled it some mobo's do this automatically when you put in graphics card, some you can diable from the bios and some have jumpers on the mobo itself.

  Strawballs 23:35 03 Sep 04

if it has onboard graphics try plugging the monitor into the onboard port rather than the card if that works then you have to disable the onboard

  cream. 23:38 03 Sep 04

Has it got a pci modem. These are sometimes the first to fry and can stop the machine from booting. if one is installed, whip it out and try to boot. Hard drives are also very vulnerable, take the ide cable out of the back of the hard drive also.

You can usually see if the hard drive has bitten the dust. They will be the occasional burn hole on the pcb black chips.

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