Hello all finally got my new website up and runnin

  caddlesee 23 Sep 10

hi all ive been trying to get my website up and running for a while now and its finally working.
its a new auction site and before anyone says you wont compete with ebay well im not trying to its a hobby
anyway if anyone is interested im offering 1st hundred registrations free lifetime advertising with no fees whatsoever upon placing there first advert
here link would love to hear feedback on my site
click here

  caddlesee 23 Sep 10

thanks for advice it has only been online 24 hours so still playing with the categories it will take along time to get interest in it but im one of those people who dont give up easy lol
thank you for feebback

  DippyGirl 23 Sep 10

From the Contact Us link in the body of your Privacy Policy page I get redirected to the contact page of 365Bidz click here This looks just like the Ebiduk Contact Us one ... So does the FAQs page ... so does the rest of the site - just relabelled and on a different domain

Not for me too confusing

  Forum Editor 23 Sep 10

in your terms and conditions page.

There are references to ubayauction.com and lkauction.com, and that's going to confuse people, apart from rendering some of the terms and conditions invalid under UK consumer legislation.

It's all a bit of a mess quite frankly, and not the kind of site that inspires confidence. Setting yourself up as an online auction service involves an understanding of how the business works. The truth is when you buy something on an internet auction site from a private individual you have very few legal rights, and operators of auction sites need to understand that people will be nervous - nobody is going to use such a site unless there are some convincing reasons to do so. One way to put peoples' minds at rest is to have a properly formulated dispute resolution procedure in place. Unless you do that you'll find you have no business worth mentioning.

It's a big subject, and I suggest that you delve a little deeper into the complexities of it.


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