Headset wont work with phone dialler

  darkspark 16:41 12 Apr 03

How do I get my headset to work, I've tried it using Windows phone dialler & phone tools 2000. Headset is plugged into internal modem, when I dial out I can't hear anything!. If I plug into my sound card I can record my voice with Windows sound recorder - I have tried another haedset with the same results, relevant sound slider settings appear to be ok. Anyone help please ?

  DieSse 16:58 12 Apr 03

If the headset doesn't work when plugged into the modem, then either the modem is faulty, or you have the plugs in the wrong holes. The sound i/o on a modem is not governed by any software or settings - it's a bit like a 'phone handset, directly wired into the line.

  darkspark 14:46 27 Apr 03

Modem is a known good one & works ok, headset was definately NOT plugged into the wrong sockets - any further suggestions anyone

  EARLR 15:05 27 Apr 03


  DieSse 16:34 27 Apr 03

I don't think we're talking about the same thing - darkspark has a modem with sound output on the modem - not the regular headphone socket.

The sound in and out sockets on a modem are nothing at all to do with the sound card.

darkspark - can you tell us the make and model of the modem please.

  Bebee 17:24 27 Apr 03

Which sound slider settings are you referring to? Have you checked the volume in the Modem Properties (Settings/Control Panel/Modems/Properties)?

  darkspark 16:10 06 May 03

Make & model of modem Intel (R) 536EP V.92.
There are no relevant properties to be seen when going into Modem Properties

  Megatyte 16:39 06 May 03

Go into Control Panel and double click Modems. Select your modem and click Properties. There should be a slider for your modem speaker volume.


  jolorna 19:16 06 May 03

read this it might help

  jolorna 19:17 06 May 03

read thisclick here it might help

  darkspark 16:50 11 May 03

Mgatyte - Slider is set to mid-way
Jolorna - I am reading through Intel info you recommended, I will also speak to the manufacturer of my PC (but it's difficult to test/try modem whilst on the phone)there should be some software that allows modem/headset to be tested "off-line"
Regards to all

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