headset and speakers

  inapot69 21 Dec 11

i have recently bought a headset to use with skype. it has 2 jackplug connectors 1x Mic and 1 x headphone. currently my 5.1 surround speakers are connected to my soundcard at the back of my tower by 2 colour coded jacks (green and pink) the only way i can seem to get my headset to work it to disconnect my speakers altogether and plug in my headset ...access to the back of my tower is a pain to put it mildly so this cannot be the only option to switch between speakers and headset....please advise it is doing my head in...thanks in advance.

  chub_tor 21 Dec 11

Do you have the green and pink connectors on the front of your tower also? Are these not working?

  inapot69 21 Dec 11

there are only connectors on the rear xxx

  Ibanez2010 21 Dec 11

Should have bought a USB headset instead.

  inapot69 21 Dec 11

used to have a headset with some software called via voice...this had an adapter supplied,,,it had two female jack connection one for mic and one for headphones. and at the other side of it was a short lead to a usb connector and another female jack connection with the same "audio" symbol as its twin on the first side (if this makes sense) the mic always worked but the earpiece never did ...was i connecting it up all wrong?

  Ibanez2010 21 Dec 11
  inapot69 21 Dec 11

thanks ibanez2010 for a couple of great ideas...humour for a while longer please,,,would i then need to opt within a section of windows as to which device i required to use to hear any audio output..i am using windows 7.


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