Headphones question

  charlton200 17:36 29 Sep 06

I have a mesh computer and 2.1 speakers.
I would like to be able to use some headphone's but can not get them to work.

Any ideas please.


  sean-278262 17:42 29 Sep 06

What do you mean you cannot get them to work. How are you setting up things?

  charlton200 18:17 29 Sep 06

I put the headphone in the headphone socket on the monitor and it won't work.
I have tried turning the 2.1 speakers of so I can get the sound coming out of the speakers on the monitor but none on the headphones or monitor,

  sean-278262 18:30 29 Sep 06

usually the monitor will have a separate cable to connect to the computer. This may mean you need however to buy a stereo splitter so one goes to the speakers and the other to the headphones. They are about £2 in maplins and I have seen them in pound shops.

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