Headphones - low volume

  RKMonty 08:20 01 Oct 05

When connecting my headphone to my pc and the LIN OUT JACK on the pc....even with the volume turned to highest...the actual sound through the headphones is only fairly moderate....any suggestions please ??

  Graham ® 08:53 01 Oct 05

'Line out' is not amplified. It is to connect to speakers with a built-in amplifier. Is there a 'Speaker out' socket?

  RKMonty 09:09 01 Oct 05

I have connected to my pc Creative 5.1 speakers. Can I connect my headfones to the 'output' from there as thats amplified ?? However there are 5 connectors going to the speakers...which one would I use for headfomes ??

  DieSse 11:44 01 Oct 05

How many sound outputs have you got, and what are they labelled?

  RKMonty 15:22 01 Oct 05

The outputs from Creative speaker (amplifier ?) are labelled....left and right front, left and right rear and a centre speaker. Please let me know if you need further info

  DieSse 20:11 01 Oct 05

Where does the *Line Out* com into things then?

  RKMonty 20:28 01 Oct 05

The LINE OUT is the connection that i connected the heafones to on my my pc (from the sound card ?)...back of the pc

  whizzbee 20:35 01 Oct 05

Is there a green socket anywhere-that's the usual colour for headphone/speaker jacks...as already mentioned the line out is not always great for headphones...

  RKMonty 20:54 01 Oct 05

yes thats the one i used the green one.....from the back of the pc and the sound was not very loud....wondered if I should connect to the Creative speaker (amplifer) box thats where my speaker cables go into at present...

  GaT7 21:37 01 Oct 05

Check if the headphones have its own volume control. If they do, try increasing its volume. G

  RKMonty 00:50 02 Oct 05

The headfones have no inline volume control...

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