HDTV looses signal. Need a 1 push display reset

  square eyes 22:04 05 Feb 10


This is not urgent, but thought id ask anyway.

Bought myself a nice 37" 1080p TV. It took me a while to work out the "extended desktop", but when the penny dropped, i realised how well it works. I have the TV as primary; set to 1920/1080, and monitor to 1024/768. I have the taskbar on my monitor which is where i want it. Its connected to my radeon 9600 from dvi port to hdmi(tv).

Perfect all for one thing. If i switch off the tv, change the channels or imput, i then lose the signal from PC. I can get the display back if i "swap displays" in ati control center, then when it asks me if i want to keep settings, i just select "no".

Like i said, only a minor irritation, but i wanted to know if there was some way of hitting a button once to get the same result? I looked into "Hotkeys" but didnt know really what i was looking for. Changing and reverting the resolution would probably also work.

Does a one push action exist to reset/refresh/re-establish display?

Thankyou to any ideas

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