HDMI quality & Price

  hoyasource 17 May 11

Each HDMI cable is rated to comply with a specific revision of the HDMI standards.

a cable using better materials will outperform a cable which is built merely to meet a standards specification.

You are welcome to come hoyasource.com for quality HDMI 1.3 and HDMI 1.4 by wholesale SUPER best price.

Just before this gets flagged to the FE as spam - anyone reading it, take no notice. Very few people can tell the difference between an HDMI cable from the 99p store and one costing ten or a hundred times more. Expensive HDMI cables are this century's equivalent of snake oil. IMHO...

  kidsis 17 May 11

yes I saw a report last year where various hdmi cables were tested by various people and no one could tell which were the expensive or which were the cheap.

  steviekm 17 May 11

i used to work for one of the biggest retail companies in the uk-i can't mention any names for obvious reasons (hint-think of the stars etc) and as sales advisors we were put into an impossible position of having to up-sell to hit our targets with these sort of accessories etc (not to mention selling warentees no matter what) in my store,we set up 2 identical tv's with exactly the same hd feed; one with an £80 monster hdmi lead and the other with a cheap £10 lead from an other supplier. imagine our surprise when it was demonstrated that the cheaper cable gave the better results---we swapped the leads/tv's etc several times to try and prove that the expensive lead was better-but the results were consistantly in favour of the cheap and chearfull cable. as a result of this we were told to scrap the display; I would say to you - buy cheap and chearfull; i have several high def sources at home playing through my top quality 42" tv- and believe me-there is reason to wasr te your money on the expensive leads.

  amonra 17 May 11

There is a article on these cables on PCMag web site at the moment where they have tested cables ranging in price from $2 up to $300, no difference. Worth a read.


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