HDMI Problem

  ened 11 May 11

I plugged my HDMI cable into both laptop and TV.

A box appeared on both screens offering three options. One was use both screens simultaneously and the one I opted for was TV live and Laptop [screen] turned off.

I now wish to change this but cannot find a way back to those options.

I thought about a System Restore but the most recent Restore Point was last November and I am reluctant to go that far back.

I need to change this back because once the cable is plugged in I cannot revert back to the laptop even if I unplug the [HDMI] lead.

Can some kind soul point me in the right direction because I have looked everywhere and am beginning to think it was a one off setting.

  Woolwell 11 May 11

Which laptop?

There is probably a function key that will allow you to toggle between these settings eg laptop + TV, laptop only, TV only. The TV will be treated as an external monitor.

  ened 11 May 11

Hi Woolwell

It is a Compaq CQ60.

If you are correct it is no wonder I couldn't find the solution in Windows.

One thing though, I turned it on and it failed to boot into Windows. Not realising this I was just about to plug in the HDMI cable (thinking it had booted and was still trying to use the tv) when I turned it off. As I turned it back on I got the Repair screen, although I opted for booting normally and it has been alright since, apart from this problem that once connected to the tv it will not revert back.

  ened 11 May 11

One more question I would like answering: is it okay to connect the HDMI when the machines are running?

  Woolwell 11 May 11

This is for Vista but should be the same for W7 - How to set up tv You will want either mirrored or extended desktop. Looking for which function key.

  Woolwell 11 May 11

Try F5 - it should have 2 rectangles/monitor symbols on it.

  ened 11 May 11

I have really messed it up and am currently back on my main machine.

I inadvertently enabled both tv and monitor (seemingly as one screen rather than mirror) and was all over the place. I am running a System Restore to the one I created earlier, hoping that will at least get me back to where I was.

Once I achieve that I shall start looking for the key you mention.

Thanks for your help with this.

  ened 11 May 11


System Restore didn't restore the original Display settings but the F4 key toggled the display in use.

I have now managed to access all options.

Thanks very much Woolwell


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