hdmi or vga connection to monitor?

  je-haz 12:59 20 Aug 10


I have a new monitor with a DVI input, but my laptop only has VGA or HDMI output.

Obviously I can use the supplied VGA->DVI adapter; but I was wondering would it be better if I bought a HDMI->DVI adapter? What are the advantages?


  northumbria61 13:40 20 Aug 10

Good video here from You Tube - click here

Or choose from this List - click here

  gengiscant 14:14 20 Aug 10

I would just stick to the VGA-DVI adapter you would see no difference if you bought a HDMI-DVI adapter.

  Digital 16:20 20 Aug 10

I'm with gengiscant here, I changed my new monitor from VGA to DVI input & saw no discernible difference.

  gengiscant 16:54 20 Aug 10

I think there is a difference if you connect DVI to DVI, card to monitor, but not with an adapter.

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