woody 14:23 26 Sep 09

If/when we have the above sockets which is the best one to use?
IE -PC DVI-D out to HDMI or DVI-D.

  sunnystaines 17:13 26 Sep 09


  woody 14:02 03 Oct 09

I thought I would update my post - hope that's ok.
This 26 inch mon came with sockets for vga/dvi/hdmi.
I know hdmi is the latest standard of the three and would expect it to be the best.
The mon came with a cable for dvi to dvi.
If hdmi is the best why did they not supply a cable for that instead of dvi?
The mon is for a multi screen rig and three similar screens have run on this set up with no problems using dvi and hdmi.
I substituted this mon for an existing one and used dvi to hdmi.
I had extra noise from the tower/pc.
Changed the cable and still had extra noise.
Then I used dvi to dvi.
The picture (very good) was the same as dvi to hdmi but now there is the normal (low fan) noise.
I think - but not sure - that an extra fan is coming on when I use hdmi.
Any thoughts on why the extra noise or why it would need extra cooling is welcome.
There is ample head room on the power unit as it has been built to allow for far more output than is being used.

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