HDMI Laptop to TV Not what I expected.

  Ex plorer 22 Jul 11

Laptop OS Vista / 42inch Panasonic TV.
Connecting the two up and choosing to use the TV screen only and not mirror had very disappointing results.

Its clear enough but the slight increase in the size of the Fonts made it very hard to read if not impossible at 10 feet. Is this the usual out come.

  chub_tor 22 Jul 11

Others have the same problem but some solutions here and here

  Ex plorer 22 Jul 11

chub_tor thanks for the links I tried HDMI 3 and its better I have a full screen and its clear. What I need now is a pair of specs to give a slight magnification to red the print at 10 to 12 feet. Every day glasses which are light sensitive don't help as the glare back from the TV dims them.

  ams4127 22 Jul 11

Is there a reason why you can't just change the font size?

  Ex plorer 23 Jul 11

ams4127 I have tried this in options after Right clicking on the desktop and set it at 150 dpi. It makes a difference in programs etc. but not on line when surfing.

Best I can find is under (View) to zoom text it helps but not enough.

I can use the magnifier that I have now set to to come on at boot that's fine but a bit inconvenient. If i have missed any other options please advise. OS Vista Fire-Fox.

  Ex plorer 23 Jul 11

By using Ctrl ++ I can magnify text etc. to a certain point it does vary on pages as some text will overlap but its a way round and I will see how it goes. I see there is software around but at £100s of pounds.

  BT 23 Jul 11

Every day glasses which are light sensitive don't help as the glare back from the TV dims them.

I wear Transitions and don't find this a problem. You need quite a high level of UV to make them darken. They don't even work in the car and ordinary window glass filters out the UV to an extent that prevents them darkening. If your TV is giving out that much UV I would be somewhat concerned.


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