HDDrives IDE/SCSI confusion

  Ches 19:38 16 Jan 04

Decided to check if DMA was enabled on my new computer - Windows says I have 2 SCSI drives. I actually have 2 Samsung SP0902N 80 gig drives which are IDE (ATA 133). Checked BIOS - says drives are IDE. Checked inside, 2 drives connected to IDE plug.
As a matter of further interest, my 2 optical drives are also listed as SCSI (IDE in BIOS).

I'm confused! Any one any idea what's going on?


  Big Elf 20:17 16 Jan 04

Does your motherboard have a RAID controller onboard? If so that may be the reason. I have 2 identical 120GB hard drives, one on the IDE slot and one on the RAID slot. The one on the RAID slot is shown as a SCSI drive.

  Ches 15:10 17 Jan 04

Thanks for the reply, but:-
Motherboard is an MSI MS6729 K7N2 Delta which does not support RAID.
Rest of the spec is AMD XP3000+, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, hard drives as above (both on IDE 0 according to the BIOS), DVD read, CD R/W (on IDE 1 according to the BIOS).

Any other ideas?


  A Cat Called George 15:21 17 Jan 04

As long as the Bios reports your drive configuration correctly, and all your drives are working properly, I don't think you need to worry about Windows being a little confused. My sata150 hdd is also rep[orted as a scsi device but works perfectly.

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