HDD in Sony Tablet S

  stlucia2 07 Jan 12

I thought that one of the advantages of tablets was that their data storage was solid-state, so data access and, particularly, boot-up is quicker than a conventional laptop.

But on looking at the Sony Tablet S, I see that it's storage is an HDD. Does this, in practice, slow it down compared with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, or have any other disadvantage apart from the risk of HDD failure?

  stlucia2 11 Jan 12


  stlucia2 13 Jan 12

I'm surprised that there hasn't been any comment on this. Is it because my information is wrong, and the Sony tablet uses solid state memory like all the others? Or has nobody bought a Sony S, so can't comment on its performance?

  natdoor 13 Jan 12

Perhaps you could state what source leads you to believe that it contains a hard drive. I suspect that this is not correct.

  stlucia2 13 Jan 12

Well, I could have sworn I saw it on Sony's own web site http://www.sony.co.uk/product/sony-tablet-s/tab/editorialarticle2 , but now it says "... up to 32GB storage ..." where previously I thought I read "... 32GB HDD ...". Maybe it was some other site, but I know I read it otherwise I wouldn't have made this posting. The Sony site does show an icon which is clearly an HDD though, when one goes to the Specification tab and looks at Storage.

  rdave13 13 Jan 12

Locks like flash memory, link


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