alyin17 09:56 22 Sep 11

Some ideas and information and I wish I knew about this HDD SAMSUNG 500GB/7200rpm/16M SERIES: HD501LJ I will explain the problem step by step. Turn on your PC and is stuck to the HDD when the HDD is recognized. Finally after about 40 sec. and rattle 10-20 acknowledges it, he displays the name after which everything returns to normal. Mention that for as long as we keep on doing me no such problems, can copy him and no matter how crazy, everything is normal including when I give restart. This problem only when it does start. For those who have experienced such problems you realize it's quite annoying to wait to start and all the rattle.

I tried various programs from Hiren's boot cd, to check not give me any bad. I think perhaps the problem is otherwise just as long as recognition is so otherwise behave normally. I tried the special program and many other programs samsunghd.com formatting, partitioning and repair. Thank you for your understanding and if anyone can help me with some useful advice not throw it out the window and in this, assume that promotes good ideas here.

  chub_tor 10:17 22 Sep 11

There does seem to be a design problem with this model of drive Read this Link and others have experienced the noise you describe which only happens if the drive is allowed to spin down to a stop before re-starting. Hence it is OK after a re-boot or when running but does not like starting from standstill. Personally I would clone everything onto a new hard drive and replace it as soon as possible. You could always put the old one in a caddy and use it for back-up (although I am not sure I would trust if for very long).

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