HDD Problem..

  Xzane 14:06 27 Mar 07

Hiya, Im running a dell optiplex 270, Pentium 4, 2.40Ghz, I recently got a new hardrive, i installed windows xp professional on it, and also put my 200 gig maxter 6l200po back in as my F drive, this has never had windows on it, just music and flims.

Now after installing windows on my new hardrive, windows did a CHKDSK on my F drive, and it has messed up all my files on it, some files dont play at all, some films are now mp3s, sum play 4 different mp3s in one, its changed most of the files on it,

I tried registry mechanic on it but no joy, i also tried to burn sum music to disk to see if it played the correct files, but its still the same messed up files, i dunno what else to do.. can anyone help me pls? And thanks to anyone who can


  Totally-braindead 14:23 27 Mar 07

When you reinstalled windows did you reinstall whatever programs you used to play media files.

Reason I ask is without anything else being installed on the PC windows would probably try to play any media file with media player even if the file wasn't supported. And if the file wasn't supported it might try to alter them to a file it could play. Perhaps before you were using different programs to play the files and just need to reinstall the programs?

Or could it be a codec problem as by default media player will not play films.

  Xzane 14:28 27 Mar 07

Thanks for that, i was using real player, and re-installed it, i also have all the codecs needed.. Its like CHKDSK has messed up the registry..

  Terry Brown 14:37 27 Mar 07

If you still have your old hard drive, could you ad it as a slave drive,and recopy all your music files again.

  Xzane 16:46 27 Mar 07

Thanks terry,
But the Maxter 200 gig is my slave drive, always has been, after puttin in my new one as my new master, CHKDSK, did a scan on my F drive, and since then, dosent play files proply,

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