HDD power lead shorting the mobo

  Iriskitall 03:46 05 Oct 08

I unplugged every device from my mobo and isolated the "no start" power problem to a short in my HDD power connector. When I plug in a lead from the power supply it shorts the mobo and the machine doesn't turn on....anyone know how I can recover my boot drive data? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Google searches turn up nothing on THIS problem.

  Diemmess 09:25 05 Oct 08

Do you mean the standard plug from the PSU to the HDD, or is it the HDD itself?

If it is the lead you could try taking the power lead from the CD/DVD device and plugging that temporarily to the HDD instead.

But if it is the HDD that shorts the power lead then it all becomes very serious!

  Diemmess 09:59 06 Oct 08

Another thought to keep this thread alive.

If you are convinced that the HD (drive C:)has failed, you should be able to confirm this by removing it from the PC and mounting it inside a suitable USB external HD case, or even mounting it as a secondary HD on another computer!

The last suggestion is fraught with bad possibilities if the HD is shorting it could blow the PSU or the motherboard of the host computer!

If the disk powers up in the external case, it should be readable by another computer.
If it doesn't, then as I said it becomes serious.

There are firms which will extract information from almost any HD, but at a cost which starts as very expensive and could be astronomic.

  DieSse 12:00 06 Oct 08

If it's a faulty hard drive (as sounds likely) - then plugging it into an external caddy might well blow the PSU on the external caddy.

It is just possible that the Power Supply has partially failed, and can't cope with the extra load of the disk drive. The only way to find out is to try another one.

However, you've likely got a catch-22 situation now - any further testing could blow something.

I'm gonna be really boring (sorry) - to give a message to everybody that reads this that thinks it'll never happen to them.

You backup your data when the system is working (right now please) - not wonder what to do when it's failed.

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