HDD password

  johnstott 19:18 20 May 03

I have a job lot of used laptop HDD's and one is a Toshiba (MK2018GAP - 20Gb). Some IBM hdd software I have won't access the disk but quotes it has having "high security" with a password. I have tried reformatting with various types of software but all go belly up at the key point. All I want is the HDD and not the data on it - any clues as to how to get round this one.



  Diemmess 19:33 20 May 03

Laptops are not in my knowledge but if you can use the ancient route of DOS there should be no problem.

If you can isolate the queried HDD as the only one in circuit (for safety), boot from a floppy as far as the A:> prompt and then type FDISK you are nearly there.

  johnstott 01:58 21 May 03

Unfortunately no joy on that route - the pc comes up with unable to access HDD - I did think the HDD was just broken till the IBM software came up with security mode - locked, password set, password level - high. Other HDD software gives me some access providing details of the HDD. However, when I go to format with that software (in DOS) the HDD just crashes the PC. I haven't been aware of security on a HDD giving this type of protection before.

there are various utilities out there to lock a drive in this way , unless you can find the exact utility then crack the 128bit algorithum dont waste any more energy, hit it with a hammer and bin it.

  johnstott 09:10 22 May 03


Thanks for the advice - I was slowly coming to that conclusion since every try to get through the problem ends in failure. Now, is there anyone I really dislike I could give it to..............



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