hdd partitioning

  picklsey 17:12 13 Jan 05

i got the latest aldi offer of western/dig. hdd have managed to insall it ok i used the w/d insall tool it transfered all my stuff from old drive to new drive i did notice on the set up it gave me an option to partition but i didn,t want to push my luck.so what i,m looking to do now is partition the h/d into two sections.xp home sp2 250gb h/d. any help on this would be great.thanks.

  mattyc_92 17:15 13 Jan 05

Use a progran like "partition magic" for this!!!

  pj123 17:17 13 Jan 05

Ranish free from click here

  picklsey 17:23 13 Jan 05

pj123..thanks for the link just to be sure i download the correct one what download do i go for.sorry if it seems a daft question .

  mattyc_92 17:24 13 Jan 05

Ranish Partition Manager would be the obvious choice!!! lol

  picklsey 17:35 13 Jan 05

sorry i might not have made myself clear when i click on the link then p/manager it takes me to another page and it looks like i have to pick between about 4 or 5 different downloads so i don,t know which one to download.thanks.

  mattyc_92 18:14 13 Jan 05

again there is "Partition Manager" there

  picklsey 18:43 13 Jan 05

sorry for taking so long to reply got the download have been trying to get my head around it but i,m sorry it,s way above my head would some one be kind enough to talk me through it in idiot terms.thankyou.

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