HDD is only running at ATA/ 66

  Malachor 20:34 02 Feb 06

I just got my new maxtor hdd. Its seems to be running in ATA 66 mode (according to diagnostics), which is a tad slow, as with the mobo is should be at ATA/ 100. I have windows xp. Downloading intel applicaton accelerator causes it to work at ATA 100 (udma 5) but the pc repeatedly jams and acts unstable. The cable is definately ata 100, and the slave drive is working fine at that speed. Does anyone know how to solve this?

  madPentium 21:28 02 Feb 06

did you change the 40 wire ribbon cable for a 80 wire one?

  Malachor 21:30 02 Feb 06

it must have already been 80 wire, because my old hdd used to work with it at ata 100, and it still does, even though its now the slave. I think it's drive related somehow.

  Malachor 21:30 02 Feb 06

*driver even

  madPentium 21:30 02 Feb 06

sorry, didnt see you had a ata/100 drive on same ide channel.
Seems a bit odd, have you set it up correctly in the bios? the transfer settings.

  007al 21:36 02 Feb 06

In Device Manager...open up IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers-right click-properties-Primary Channel,and change the setting in the drop down box.

  Malachor 21:36 02 Feb 06

yeah, it's really annoying me. It just decided to boot up really slow tonight, i looked, and it was running at ata/ 66... Very strange

  Malachor 21:38 02 Feb 06

there is no drop down option i can see... Its just a faded colour

  007al 21:48 02 Feb 06

Right click-uninstall,then check for hardware changes,should run at normal speed.Check its set correctly in BIOS too

  Malachor 21:50 02 Feb 06

okay, i'll try it. Wonder why the intel accelerator drivers will not work stabily though (pc jams every time you defrag, and generally acts weird) as they were among the drivers supplied with the mobo.

  Malachor 21:57 02 Feb 06

oh well, pc stuck in an endless cycle now. Gets past post, hdd thinks a bit, and it restarts.

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