hdd moved into different pc

  Tree3 18:16 25 May 04

i moved a hdd into anthor computer but when i try and boot it up it says inaccessible_boot_volume
the computer is running win 2k, 128mb ram 300mhz processor

  johnnyrocker 18:20 25 May 04

is it set at master or slave?


  sherlockH 18:21 25 May 04

That message means the system cannot read the boot sector of the hard drive.Not ultra sure, there could be a conflict of file systems e,g, NTFS and FAT32, Win ME will not recognise a disk formatted as NTFS. Have you checked if the BIOS can recognise the drive? All cables secure?

  Tree3 18:24 25 May 04

the hard drive is reconised and is set to master

  Rayuk 19:25 25 May 04

You have to be very lucky [unless the hardware is the exact same in both pcs]to get away with this without reinstalling the OS.

  Tree3 09:14 26 May 04

i have repaired the win 2k installation and it seems to work apart from some programs arent seem to be working, i need internet explorer 6 from somewhere any one know where, the computer is not connected to the internet so i would need the whole installation file from the internet

  spanneress 09:43 26 May 04

IE6 is included on many many freebie discs on the front of computing magazines..have you any kicking about? If not go to shop and purchase one which offers plenty of 'utilities' etc. Otherwise If you are on a broadband connection I could mail you the install program.


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