HDD jumper settings

  freefx 11:20 12 Oct 04

Have 2 HDD installed on same ide connector. When i look at the standard CMOS setup, Pri Master is reporting disk type etc. correctly, but on Pri Slave it says 'NOT INStalled'. ist disk had xp pro installed and second disk had old Windows 98 on it. Even when i changed 1st boot device(in Advanced CMOS set up) to either ide0 or ide1, XP always get booted up. Expect Windows 98 to boot up when set to ide1.

Whne XP is running, it can 'see' and access files from either HDD. The other IDE connector had a DVD Rom and a CD writer connected. Stranely on the Sec Master it says 'NOT installed' and Sec Slave it sayd CD ROM.

Question is if i got the HDD jumper setting both set to either Primary or Slave, will the setting still boot?

Note: it is a system, i helped a friend to set up months ago. Right now she is having problem , because she wants to run some old Windows 98 programs for her kids and i cant see the jumper setting until i open up the pc case, which unfortunately it is miles away from my home|||

Motherboard is old MSI 6516 BX-11 running P2 350MHz

  hillybilly 11:23 12 Oct 04

When the new drive was installed wth XP, was it set up as a dual booting machine?

  freefx 12:57 12 Oct 04

Nope, Just single boot

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