HDD has started to beep on startup

  Border View 17:03 05 Sep 03

I have an AMD Athlon 128 Ram 30gb hdd, running Windows 98SE. Creative Sound, and Nvidia graphics. The system is just over three years old and has never beeped at me ? until this week.

Day one on start up one little ?dut- . Day two ? dert - . Now today ? dut, dut, dert -. I haven?t installed any new software. I run AVG and Zone Alarm.

Done a search on beeps but nothing corresponds with mine. Can anyone please advise ? should I be worried? Is something going wrong? What shall I check?

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 17:21 05 Sep 03

Have you any idea of the Bios your PC uses ? Ie Award, Phoenix ?

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 17:24 05 Sep 03

Heres the phoenix Bios beep codes. click here


click here


click here

  Border View 20:22 05 Sep 03

No idea, but where will I find which Bios my computer uses please.

  Djohn 20:24 05 Sep 03

Do a re-boot and you will see it on the first page that loads, [up at the top], press the "Pause" key on your keyboard and jot down the info. j.

  Border View 20:27 05 Sep 03

Thanks for the information Paul. I've visited the sites and the only 1-1-2 I've found makes me think it might be my CPU. I shall monitor the situation.

Again thank you for coming back to me.

  Border View 20:37 05 Sep 03

Bit of a struggle - not quite quick enough with the pause button, but I did se AMIBIOS

Is this any help? From the info which Paul gave I clicked onto ami and whilst it didnt mention 2 short and 1 long together. It did say that two short was a POST failure???? and one long was that the POST has passed the test.

This is a totally new area for me. Any advice would be gratefully received.

  Djohn 20:54 05 Sep 03

click here Think this is the site for your board, have a look at the information on there. Also if you can manage to hit that key quick enough, you will be able to jot down the model number and date of BIOS. With that you can go back to the above page and it will tell you how to identify you Board/BIOS and trouble shoot as well.

Good luck, any more help, please post back. j.

  Border View 10:10 06 Sep 03

Many thanks. Although I've tried and tried I can't get the screen to pause. However I did manage to get the AMI No.

This morning on initial start up I received two beeps then shortly after one beep. According to AMI beep code these mean (a) Parity Error and (b) Memory refresh timer error. Solutions (a) Reseat the memory or replace with known good modules. What does Parity Error and Memory refresh timer error mean?

What I can't understand is I've done nothing to my computer, haven't moved it, installed anything new - so why should this have started to happen. It doesnt get that much use during the summer and the hard drive is less than 10% in use.

Am I heading for serious trouble?

  Border View 13:03 06 Sep 03


  Djohn 14:07 06 Sep 03

click here Have a read here, see if it helps Regards. j.

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