HDD full, system crashing.

  Joey D 10:45 21 Apr 04

Help please. My HDD is full (only 2GB) & when I attempt to save data the lot crashes. I,ve tried deleting files to make space but am afraid to delete old programs in case they share files with other programs I need. (Running Win95 with Office98 200mhzprocessor,CDROM only) I know system is old but its ok for what I currently need. Any suggestions please ? Thanks.

  Xevious 10:49 21 Apr 04

instead of deleting progs, try uninstalling them from "add/remove programs" in the control panel

  Joey D 11:02 21 Apr 04

Xevious, Have tried that, but I get warnings regarding shared files so I don,t complete uninstall.

  Sethhaniel 11:04 21 Apr 04

and cleaned temporary files TEMP folder in windows
and Temporary Internet files
They can take a lot of memory

  Joey D 11:12 21 Apr 04

Sethhaniel, Recycle bin empty. Not tried Temp. folder in Windows or Temp. internet files. Where will they be located?

  Sethhaniel 11:24 21 Apr 04

anything in there with a date older than todays can be deleted
also any files with extension *.gid *.bak

put in search for these
temp in c\windows\temporary Internet files select
all and delete

also when you use uninstall -windows is clever enough not to delete the wrong shared items - often the shared file is put in a certain folder but you may not have any other program that shares that file - its there just in case

  Giggle n' Bits 11:32 21 Apr 04

when asked about shared files say NO.
Be carefull what progs you delete especially if they are progs for things like Audio, VGA, Modem

  deadneat 11:43 21 Apr 04

time to get a new hard drive m8. Better still a new puter!

  Xevious 11:52 21 Apr 04

as deadneat states, get a new HDD.
it's simple enough, get a new one, set it to slave, plug it in and start using it to store things on. no configuring needed...

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