HDD expansion - Old system.

  Scouse 14:55 19 Feb 05

I am installing a new 160gig HDD to replace the almost full 40gig HDD that come with the PC. I use XP home and have no storage available for the files I wish to transfer.

I do not have the internal conectivity to have both HDD's running as my CD Burner has used up the last cable.

If my situation makes any sense I would love to hear your opinions!!!


  Diodorus Siculus 15:04 19 Feb 05

What do you want to do? Put the data from the old disk onto the new one? If so, take out the CD drive for a while and connect up the old disk.

Often PCs will have room for 4 drives - usually 2 hdds and two optical - it may be worth double checking.

  Scouse 15:44 19 Feb 05

If that is the case can I just do a file transfer "Drag and Drop" style?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:49 19 Feb 05

Yes, for data. For programs, it is best to install them.

  Totally-braindead 15:51 19 Feb 05

What I would do would be disconnect the old hard drive and put in the new one, boot from the CD drive using your Windows XP disk and install windows then install the motherboard drivers and after that anything else you need in the way of programs then switch off and disconnect the cdwriter and install the old hard drive in its place as a slave or master depending on what the cdwriter was already set and then drag and drop or cut and paste what you want to keep. The advantage of doing a clean install on the new hard drive is you get rid of all the rubbish that builds up and gets left behind when you remove programs.

  Scouse 16:00 19 Feb 05

OK so let me get this right.

Clean Install XP on the New HDD as the Master Drive.

Complete the required Install Files and then use the CD Burner connection on the old HDD to transfer personal files.

So far so good.

As for the Old HDD, I wish to "CLEAN AS A WHISTLE" format as I will be passing it on to A.N Other. Any good software for this?

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