HDD Dead? Or Windows just won't install

  louisjms 09 Nov 13


My laptop yesterday froze and so I left it for a while, and when I returned, it had booted to a silver screen (Starup repair, just without the menu). I fear the Hdd may have failed. I plugged it into my other laptop via a USB to SATA cable and no data showed up, you need to format this disk, parameters are invalid etc. After hours I finally formatted it into one single partition with EaseUS (NTFS) and it created a system reserved partition of 90mb. I have put it back into the original laptop (They're both Aspire 5733's) and tried to re-install windows. First time round I tried Win8.1, although it installed an booted to a black screen. I eventually gave in trying to fix that and tried to install Windows 8.1 enterprise (from work). That wouldn't get anywhere past "Setup is Starting". I gave in (again) and tried Windows 7 (which no, didn't get past "Setup is Starting". I put the hard drive in my laptop and installed Windows 7. It got up to "Completing installation", where it told me the disk image was corrupt. I checked the MD5 and it appeared fine. I just want to give up now (yet again) And help???

Thanks, Louis :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Nov 13

Be tempted to completely wipe the drive with something like Kill disk then retry to install windows.

  rdave13 09 Nov 13

If kill disk kills the hdd then you know you'll need a new hdd.

  BRYNIT 09 Nov 13

Although you have formatted the HD did you scan the HD to check it was OK. Even formatting a HD does not always rectify bad sectors?

If both your laptops are the same make/model why not try cloning the hard drive from the working laptop onto the formatted HD.


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