Hdd booting problem

  Commander Straker 31 Aug 11

My pc was accidentally unplugged whilst working and now wont boot. Get to Win 7 splash screen but then a brief blue screen flash and it boots up again with the same result. Start up screens run okay but I note that under one of my raid drives under type/ Status it shows Error Occured (O) in red. Doesnt sound good ! Is this recoverable does anyone know ? Thanks

  northumbria61 31 Aug 11

Have a read here for your options enter link description here

  onthelimit1 31 Aug 11

Probably worth tapping f8 during the boot to get to advanced options, then hit the 'disable automatic restart on system failure'. You should then be able to read the fault codes on the BSOD, which may help diagnosis.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 31 Aug 11

Boot from the Win 7 DVD and select Start up repair.

If no DVD the Try tapping F8 or F5 to get to Advance tools menu then select Start up repair.

  Commander Straker 01 Sep 11

Thanks guys for responses. Fished out the Win 7 DVD but took me a while to realise I could accept the 'install' screens and find the repair option which seems to have done the trick. The 'Error Occured' in red still shows at start up next to one of the Raid drives but all appears to be functioning again. Appreciate the support once again.

  sheraz.civnom 02 Sep 11

Try to boot using SafeMode and if you were using RAID setup in your computer try to use RAID software to check harddrive health checkup. You can also rebuilt your second hard drive you were using Disc Mirroring.

Sheraz.civnom www.civnomtechnologies.com


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