garabaldi 19:23 26 Mar 07

hi...dont know what ive done reformatted my hardrive yesterday.. but now have two hardrives HDD C and now local Disc D but d has only a 1.5 potential disc space. so tried to install service pack 2 today but says not enough disc space. is there anyway i can use HDD C as the default drive?

  a.nonymous 20:11 26 Mar 07

Is Disc D FAT or NTFS?

Same applies for HDD C

  garabaldi 20:31 26 Mar 07


  garabaldi 16:39 27 Mar 07

is there any software that would merge to two drives together so that i have just one?

  Pamy 16:44 27 Mar 07

If you have not put much on it I would re- formatt to one partion

  garabaldi 17:29 27 Mar 07

so how do i do that?

  Pamy 17:34 27 Mar 07

the same way you did before

  Pamy 17:38 27 Mar 07

the same way you did before click here

  garabaldi 20:45 27 Mar 07

but that will wipe off all my programs and all my drivers that i have just reinstalled..cant i just merge my two drives together so i have 1 hardrive ?

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